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Bull Finance, a new multi chain automatic market making protocol, aims to promote the automatic exchange transactions between tokens and encrypted assets, and automatically provide liquidity on BSC, Ethereum, Polkadot, Tron and other public chains. Bull Finance is fully deployed on the chain. Any individual user who mainly installed the corresponding decentralized wallet software can use this protocol. Bull Finance uses the decentralization protocol to completely decentralize the digital asset trading process.

Bull Finance's mission

Bull Finance is committed to thoroughly decentralize the digital asset trading process through past centralization protocols. Make encrypted asset transactions more fair and transparent. Bull Finance accelerates the development of global blockchain applications through composable Multi Chain Architecture, open source model and friendly business ecosystem.


To get in touch, please email to contact [email protected] We are unable to support face to face in most cases, but still encourage anyone who has problems with wallets, transactions or Bull Finance to join our active community discussion.


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